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The Sparrow King Black


by millard and Millard


I’ll be the hope

that keeps you consoled

just like a warm wind ridin’

winters’ cold

always for you

far and near

wherever you go

I’ll be here


some place written in stone

from the letters you keep

just like the stories you read

but can’t complete

hold on for the words

lean into the fear

you’ll be the found and

I’ll be here


if we’re running away

clear off the shelves

let’s get going, before we

lose ourselves

innocence lies

beyond the clear

as darkness falls

I’ll be here


take a stroll up the turnpike, slip into the woods

skim across the water, might just do some good

light up a candle, fall into a groove

got a storm comin, time to patch the roof

write your three’s in poison, carry ma to the shed

grow acres of tombstones, black and cherry red

give into the music, make believe with a sound

try to reuse me, when I’m already ground


on this carousel it’s so easy to ride far away

oh we could ride


it’s hard to tell

the difference it seems

between the real shit and these

psychotic dreams

a vision in blue

you’re lovely, my dear

when it all goes away

I’ll be here

when it all goes away

I’ll be here

when it all goes away

I’ll be here

I'll Be Here

by Charlie Millard Band | Ottawa Live

I'll Be Here (piano)

by Charlie Millard | Piano•1


Ottawa Live album cover
Ottawa Live album cover