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White Piano • Sessions


White Piano Sessions are collaborations between Artists and Charlie Millard accompanying on a piano, in a living room, out in the woods, next to a field, near the lake, in Northern Michigan.

EP #5 • Raymond Little

“McGregor ” performed on 3/24/23

written by Raymond Little

EP #4 • After Ours

“Paper Heart ” performed on 4/22/19

Guitar – Eli Kahn
Drumset – Arthur Schroeder

written by After Ours

EP #3 • Ruby Williams

“Riverbed ” performed on 8/2/17

written by Ruby Williams

EP #2 • Adam Hoppe

” Lovesong ” performed on 1/21/16

written by The Cure

Special thanks to Alecia Svensen for filming and design

EP #1 • Graham Parsons

“Inside The Vine” performed on 11/22/21

written by G’itis Baggs & Graham Parsons